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Title: First Crush (Celebrating the first year of un-ruling Bill 377 in India)

Genre: Drama, Romance. 
Format: Short Film; 22 mins
Language: Hindi


India Release date: Around 6th Sept 2019


Filmmaker: Deepti Nagia


Synopsis: When a 12 year old boy in one of the suburban schools, develops a crush on his male teacher; little he could understand that it’s a BIG problem & foresee the backlash from his family & friends.


The story revolves around how the teacher he fell for, handholds him into entering early stages of adulthood. It’s a story that encourages people to be the way they are, being unapologetic about one’s sexual orientation. 


Though the teacher doesn’t return the same feelings, he becomes the boy’s mentor for life. “The first crush indeed remains very special for the rest of life”

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